Sometimes you want to do more than just paint a wall white or beige. You may want to present an idea, a message, or a concept. Maybe you have a corporate logo, a team mascot, or an image which needs enhancement.

Maybe you want to promote a program or activity, i.e. a fitness class, or dancercise, or individual equipment available. Would images of other ordinary people stretching their limits inspire you? How about promoting a percussion program? How about creating a “mood”?

Wall graphics are not always painted images, sometimes the best solution is a grouping of banners mounted together to create one composite image. This also allows for future changeability. Maybe you could share, or trade, the banners with multiple sites.

Finally, wall graphics, could employ poster(s) as part of a bigger image. You can use one, or a series of posters, to convey a single, or multiple subjects. Do you have other ideas for graphics for your walls?

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